I'll now be helping Dad out on our farm, possibly relief milking on surrounding dairy farms, and also running this store. I'll be very busy and so orders could take up to 5 days after your order date to send out, if it's urgent then find another store. This is the only possible way to stay open and I'm sure you'll all rather a delay in posting than closing. Edit: changed it from 7 days down to 5.



As mentioned in my last update, I'll be going to refresh myself milking cows for awhile. I'm also wanting to get my accounts sorted since it's that time of year again. I can't run a store and get my accounts done, so this is the only way when I'm running it on my own. The store will be closed at 11:59pm 4th April until further notice, not sure on the reopen date, but no more than 3 weeks maximum. I'm also disabling the checkout this time because it makes it very stressful reopening and having heaps of orders to sort out.




Due to Covid and the reduction in sales, I can no longer keep this store open full time, I'm just no longer making enough. I will be looking at part time work relief milking on surrounding dairy farms. What this means is, only being open 1 - 2 weeks in a month or I'll just post orders when possible. I certainly won't be closing since this is also a hobby I very much enjoy, along with making video reviews for various brands on YouTube.

I'll be having a break on the 10th - 20th March, and then I need to go down to my brother's dairy farm for a week or so for a refresh. I grew up farming, but I haven't milked since I was 13, that was when my family shifted up to Dargaville to a sheep farm. I will open up on the 20th for a bit until I know what dates suit my brother. I'll update this once I know more.