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Epoch 18650, 10 Amp, 3500mAh, Protected

Epoch 18650, 10 Amp, 3500mAh, Protected

Imported mainly for those using the Maxtoch torches that take two in series. These require 18650's using a protection circuit added. Unprotected button top batteries can be used in the Maxtoch models, but you must read my safety guide.


These are also to be used in the Cyansky HS6R headlamp I sell.



Price is per battery


- Model: 3500-PCB
- Brand: Epoch (USA import)
- Typical capacity: 3500mAh
- Nominal voltage: 3.7 V
- Charging voltage: 4.20
- Discharging end voltage: 2.5V
- Continuous discharging current: 10A

- Protected: Yes. over-charge, over-discharge protections.
- Size: 18.35mm x 70.3mm
- Weight: 49.4g

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