Fireflies PL47 Gen 2, Headlamp/Flashlight, 4x Cree XPL HI, 3600 Lumens

Fireflies PL47 Gen 2, Headlamp/Flashlight, 4x Cree XPL HI, 3600 Lumens

Accurately tested with my calibrated equipment


**3600 Lumens**



Product Options:


Option 1: Flashlight only

Option 2: Samsung 50E 21700 Battery, USB Charger



Fireflies launched in 2018 and brings 4 models of premium build quality. Their lights offer unique features like AUX LED's so it's easily found in the dark. The PL47 Gen 2 uses a TIR lens for an even spread of light.



Package includes:


- Fireflies PL47

- Headlamp attachment

- Magnetic Tail Cap

- Clip

- 18650 - 21700 adapter

- Spare O Ring

- Manual



User Interface


- Smooth Ramping

- Stepped Ramping


Hold switch to increase/decrease brightness with access to instant Turbo


- Thermal Temperature Step Down Once the light reaches 45C it'll decrease the light output.


Limit can be increased/decreased




- Model Name: PL47G2

- Color: Black

- Material: Aluminum with HAIII Anodizing

- Light Source: Cree

- LED Type: 4pcs XPL HI

- Waterproof: IPX6

- Working Voltage: 2.8-4.2V

- Lens: Toughened glass

- TIR Optic: Yes

- Battery: 1x 18650/1x 21700 Lithium Battery 10 Amps + (recommended Samsung 50E 21700)

- Weight: 82g

- Dimensions: 88mm x 40mm x 24mm (Length, Head, Body)

- Distance: 125 Meters on High, Turbo much further


NOTE: Even though the Turbo offers extreme brightness, it can only be activated in very short burst of 20 seconds because of how hot that many lumens produces in something so compact.


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