Osram C8+ V1 White, 962m Range, Hunting

Osram C8+ V1 White, 962m Range, Hunting

Accurately tested with my calibrated equipment


ANSI FL1 Standard: **700 Lumens** tight focused beam, high lumens not needed


Range: 962m


Check out my video - here



Product Options:


Option 1: Flashlight only

Option 2: Flashlight, Tesla 18650 Battery Button Top, USB Charger



Using custom parts I've used one of the furthest range LED's currently available. These have a very tight beam so I would be recommending these mainly as a gun light. Perfect with a suppressor since it eliminates most of the glare back you get with a wide beam.


These LEDs give the furthest range currently on the market.


Unlike the V2, this can use the pressure switch without much loss of light. These switches can only handle approx 4.5 amps and the V2 is running at 7.4. The V1 will lose approx 50 lumens, but the V2 is 350 lumens. This happens on most brands but they just don't tell you.


You'll get longer battery runtime and longer bursts before getting too hot on High than the V2.


Note: If the High only option is selected, you're limited to 3.5 minute bursts. This hasn't been an issue since it's designed to be a gun light. 




- Color: Black
- LED Type: Osram
- Tint: Cool White

- Candela: 238,000
- Material: Aluminum
- Reflector: Smooth
- Lens: AR Coated Glass
- Battery: 1x 18650 battery (not included)

- Driver Current: 4.2A
- Switch Type: Reverse Clicky
- Switch Location: Tail
- Carrying Strap: Included
- Weight: 144g
- Size: 143x44.5x25.6 mm (length x head x body diameter)


Approx Runtime 


- High: 46 min

- Med: 2 hrs 28 min

- Low: 12 hrs



Package includes:


- Osram C8+ V1

- Carry Strap
- User Instruction

    Product Options (see description)

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