Osram C8+ V2 White, 977m Range, Hunting

Osram C8+ V2 White, 977m Range, Hunting

Accurately tested with my calibrated equipment


ANSI FL1 Standard: **1300 Lumens** tight focused beam


Range: 977m


Check out my video - here



Product Options:


Option 1: Flashlight only

Option 2: Flashlight, Samsung 30Q Battery Button Top, USB Charger



Using custom parts I've built this with the latest Osram LED and man does it perform well. Best throwing light for it's size in NZ for under the $200 range. I was hitting my neighbors hill 540m away and faintly picking out his pines at 650m according to Google Earth. This light is tiny with a head diameter of 44.5mm.


Maxtoch's newer models are using similar Osram leds but cost at least twice the price.


See last picture for the UI.


My Osram C8+ V1 is still a great choice, similar range, just a narrower beam which results in less lumens, but still the same brightness/intensity. I find many don't understand lumens very well and just go for the higher number which isn't always the best choice.


Higher lumens = more heat resulting in shorter bursts,  less runtime


Note: These leds are tiny which makes them extremely hard to center 100%. You may notice on a white wall but not out in the field 




- Color: Black
- LED Type: Osram
- Tint: Cool White

- Candela: 240,000
- Material: Aluminum
- Reflector: Smooth
- Lens: AR Coated Glass
- Battery: 1x 18650 battery (not included)

- Driver Current: 8A
- Switch Type: Reverse Clicky
- Switch Location: Tail
- Carrying Strap: Included
- Weight: 144g
- Size: 143x44.5x25.6 mm (length x head x body diameter)


Important: You mustn't use an 18650 battery that has a greater than 15A discharge rating, by doing so you'll void the warranty as it can push the LED too hard. I recommend the Samsung INR18650-30Q.


If using as a handheld you can grab the flat top battery version or if mounting on a gun use the button top version, this is to stop the spring denting in the flat top by the recoil.



Approx Runtime


- 100%: 24 min (limited to 2 min bursts due to heat)

- 30%: 2 hrs 20 min


Infinite brightness so the 1st and 2nd levels can be configured to any value. At 30% this Osram C8+ V2 is outshining the Convoy C8+ models, very impressive.



Package includes:


- Osram C8+ V2

- Carry Strap
- User Instruction

    Product Options (see description)

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