Samsung INR18650-30Q, 15 Amp, 3000mAh, Flat Top

Samsung INR18650-30Q, 15 Amp, 3000mAh, Flat Top

Price is per battery


Battery specifications:

- Model: INR18650-30Q
- Manufacturer: Samsung
- Chemistry: INR
- Max. continuous current: 15A (20A if kept below 75C)
- Nominal capacity: 3000 mAh
- Min capacity: 2800 mAh
- Nominal voltage: 3.6 V
- Charging voltage: 4.20 +/- 0.03 V
- Protection circuit board: No
- Size: 18.4mm x 67mm




I own a Computer Battery Analyzer which was recommended by Mooch, a popular and professional lithium-ion battery tester for Vapers. I test all cell batches to confirm that they are indeed genuine.

**If you receive any cells that don't meet capacity spec, send them back and I'll test them. If confirmed I'll reimburse postage fully and resend or refund. That's my guarantee.**


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