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Battery for Convoy L21B Models (Gun Mounting)

Battery for Convoy L21B Models (Gun Mounting)

Note: If your L21B with SFT40 or PM1 LED was purchased before 20/07/2023, then you need this battery here.


If mounted on a gun, a button top must be used, not doing so can be a safety concern if the torch's spring dents the top from the recoil. There's a pressure vent behind the positive terminal that you really don't want to block off.



Price is per battery


Battery specs:


- Nominal Capacity: 5000mAh

- Minimum Capacity: 4800mAh

- Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

- Maximum Voltage: 4.2V

- Continuous Discharge Current: 15A

- Approximate Dimensions: 21.4mm x 72.6mm


Buyers must be aware of lithium safety before purchase. Please read my thorough battery safety guide - here

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