- Nitecore Products: Click Here

- Torches/Headlamps: 12 Months


- Clearance items: 3 Months. Reduced to near cost price, so I can't offer a full warranty. I    am the distributor for everything, excl Nitecore, which means I carry out all repairs.

- Chargers: 3 Months

- Batteries: 1 Month

No charge on labor, only for the parts, beyond the stated warranty period, unless it's a torch model that's very time consuming.

The best brand for guaranteed free labor is Convoy, they never use glue, and the parts are easy to source years down the track. They are also extremely easy to modify or upgrade.

Warranty Exclusions:


- Disassembly

- Battery Leakage

- Fading
- Damage caused by improper usage