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• Brinyte: 12 Months

• Convoy: 12 Months

• Skilhunt: 2 Years

• Sofirn: 12 Months

Sofirn D25LR/H25LR: 6 months (any order prior to 29/11/22 will still carry the full 12 months)

• Cyansky: 3 Years. Cyansky will provide an additional 2 Years cover if the customer is willing to pay the international shipping charge for a replacement. *Updated from 1 Year to 3 Years 25/03/23.

Batteries: 30 Days (Including those that come with the above brands)

Chargers: 90 Days

Nitecore Chargers: 12 Months

Clearance: 90 Days

Everything Else: 30 Days

Warranty Exclusions:



Battery Leakage (mostly just Alkaline batteries)

Wrong Battery Type

Damage caused by improper usage

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