About My Store

My website "Piercing The Darkness” was created in 2020 after selling on Trade Me for over 6 years with no negative or neutral feedback. I aim to give the best possible service and range of products where my customers are getting the best value for their money.


What makes me different from other stores?


- I own equipment for testing the genuine lumen output on my torches instead of relying on the manufacturers claims.

- For my batteries I always test every batch to confirm they are genuine with my computerized battery analyzer.

- I'm always honest about my products even if it results in a loss of a sale. I don't try and make a product sound better than it really is.

- I offer custom options to some of my torches and I also build my own. No other company in New Zealand offers this kind of service.

- Free repair service after the warranty has expired, you only need to pay a small amount for parts. This means you're never going to be left with a light that has to be thrown out. This is unlike Fenix, Nitecore, LED Lenser etc as it's almost always not worth the repair cost.

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