Hunting Guide

The most common question I get is what do I recommend for hunting, so I'll just note down a list of torches with their usable shooting range (safely identifying an animal), you'll be able to see much further though. These are based on feedback I've received from customers.


Every single brand uses a rating called the ANSI Standard which is a calculated range with a light meter, it's not seeing how far it'll reflect off something down range. For usable lighting in ideal weather conditions you generally take any brand's range spec and halve it. Range varies greatly on weather conditions (fog, humidity, rain etc), and how green everything is. For example: a white house will be seen at much further range than a green tree, due to how much light is absorbed and reflected.

Gun light 150-280m

Gun light 400-450m

Handheld 350-600m

The Convoy C8+ SST40 should be avoided if using high magnification and/or a suppressor. I've been told that such a wide beam causes issues at 10X or above and using a suppressor causes glare back off it.


The gun lights above can also be for handheld use, but keep in mind that 100% brightness is limited to short bursts at a time, except the Osram C8+ Red. The Sofirn C8G and Convoy M21C have been popular, but these models won't be restocked. There are also a few other models, but the above would be best suited.