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The most common question I get is what do I recommend for hunting, so I'll just note down a list of torches with their usable shooting range (safely identifying an animal). These are based on feedback I've received from customers. When a new model is brought in I make a visual estimate.


Every single brand uses a rating called the ANSI/FL1 Standard which is a calculated range with a light meter down to 0.25 lux, about the same as a full moon shining on an object. For decent usable lighting in ideal weather conditions, you generally take any brand's range spec and halve it at the very least. Range varies greatly on weather conditions (fog, humidity, rain etc), and how green everything is. For example: a white house will be seen at much further range than a green tree, due to how much light is absorbed and reflected.

​​170m - 300m

300m - 500m


550m - 700m


Cyansky H5GT (Rotate the head to change between White/Red)

The following is a list of the LED's beam size from narrowest through to widest.


  • NM1

  • PM1

  • SST20

  • SFT40

  • SBT90.2

The NM1 White LED is only being driven at 3 amps, this allows it to operate at 100% brightness much longer before reducing at 50°C.

I don't stock coloured filters because they lose too much range. Coloured LEDs are best.

I'm now stocking two different Red LEDs in 620nm and 660nm wavelength. 660nm is a darker red and is meant to be more effective, the trade-off is less lumens and range. Think of it like Infrared where IR 850nm is brighter than 940nm and is detected more by animals. Both being still effective. 660nm is the SST20 LED in the C8+ and L21B.

The Convoy S2+, C8+, and L21B all have a remote switch available here.

Beam Size At 100m

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