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Convoy L21B SST20 Deep Red, 300 Lumens, 400m Range

Convoy L21B SST20 Deep Red, 300 Lumens, 400m Range

ANSI FL1 Standard: 300 Lumens

Range: 400m



I still need to capture night photos of this version. See the Hunting Guide for a comparison photo at 100m.


This version of the L21B is using a darker red LED at 660nm wavelength of the red spectrum. Red light starts at 620nm and moves into infrared past 700nm (invisible light). Most other brands out there use 620nm because of the much better range, which is a bit like 850nm IR being brighter than 940nm, both still being very effective, but the 940nm is moreso than 850nm.



12 Selectable Mode Groups: See my video tutorial in the gallery.



- Color: Black
- LED Type: SST20 Deep Red

- Wavelength: 660nm
- Material: Aluminum
- Reflector: Smooth
- Lens: AR Coated Glass
- Battery: 1x 21700 3.7v unprotected battery (not included)

  Note: Battery must have a button top if mounted

- Driver: 1.7A
- Switch Type: Reverse Clicky
- Switch Location: Tail
- Weight: 212g
- Size: 170.5 x 62.6 x 26mm (length x head x body diameter)


Even though the L21B is 26mm it'll still fit into the 25.4mm (1 inch) mounts.




100%: 1 hr 54 min (still to check other levels)


Package includes:


- Convoy L21B SST20 Deep Red

- Wrist Strap
- User Instructions

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