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Convoy L21B SFT40, 2000 Lumens, 1200m Range

Convoy L21B SFT40, 2000 Lumens, 1200m Range

ANSI FL1 Standard: 2,000 Lumens

Range: Turbo: 1,200m, High: 850m, Med: 480m, Low: 150m, Ultra-Low: 60m



The L21B has been recently updated so it no longer requires my own modified battery. The positive terminal now has a regular spring to take any 21700 battery. If this is going to be gun mounted it must use a 21700 with added button top, this prevents damage to the battery's top from recoil.


12 Selectable Mode Groups: See my video tutorial in the gallery.



- Color: Black
- LED Type: Luminus SFT40 White
- Material: Aluminum
- Reflector: Smooth
- Lens: AR Coated Glass
- Battery: 1x 21700 unprotected battery (not included) 10A+ Battery recommended

- Driver: 8A Constant Current
- Switch Type: Reverse Clicky
- Switch Location: Tail
- Weight: 212g
- Size: 170.5 x 62.6 x 26mm (length x head x body diameter)


Output / Runtime: 


Turbo: 2000 Lumens / 1 hr 40 min

High: 950 Lumens / 2 hrs 10 min

Med: 320 Lumens / 7 hrs 40 min

Low: 35 Lumens / untested

Ultra-Low: 7 Lumens / untested


Note: On 100% after 3.5 min, a gradual stepdown occurs over 9 min. This is on a timer, not a temp limit, so it can be reactivated as needed. Reactivation will get hot so be careful.


Package includes:


- Convoy L21B SFT40

- Wrist Strap

- Spare Oring
- User Instruction

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