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Nextorch RM85S Scope & Barrel Mount

Nextorch RM85S Scope & Barrel Mount

I came across this mount when I was sent one of the Nextorch huntng torches to review and found them to be one of the best out there. These will attach the torch either to your scope or the barrel without any hassle.


See last image for specs


Compatible with the following:


Torch: 23mm - 28mm

Scope: 25.4mm - 30mm

Barrel: 15mm - 28mm


The shown scope is:


Diameter: 25.4mm 

Head: 48mm

Dial Height: 23mm


The Convoy L21B has to have the clamp around the fins to be risen high enough when mounted to the scope. The Cyansky H5GT may not fit onto the scope, only fits my Dad's when moved towards the back of the scope. There's a photo shown in the H5GT video.


It's your responsibilty to confirm it'll fit on your scope. I've done my best to help.

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