PLB 26650, 10A Continuous / 25A Pulse , 5000mAh

PLB 26650, 10A Continuous / 25A Pulse , 5000mAh

These cost quite a lot to import now, but if you look at other brands such as Nitecore, these are actually still very cheap.



Price is per battery



- Nominal capacity: 5000mAh
- Min capacity: 4800mAh
- Nominal voltage: 3.6V
- Continuous discharge current: 2C (10A)
- Discharge current (Long Pulse): 3C (15A, 60 seconds)
- Discharge current (Short Pulse): 5C (25A, 10 seconds)
- End of discharge voltage: 2.50V
- Standard charge voltage: 4.2V
- Size: 26.6mm x 65.2mm





I own a Computer Battery Analyzer which was recommended by Mooch, a popular and professional lithium-ion battery tester for Vapers. I test all cell batches to confirm that they are indeed genuine.

**If you receive any cells that don't meet capacity spec, send them back and I'll test them. If confirmed I'll reimburse postage fully and resend or refund. That's my guarantee.**