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Strap Barrel/Scope Mount

Strap Barrel/Scope Mount

Rubber Strap Mount for the Barrel or Scope 

The small end fits up to 25.4mm (1 inch) and the large end up to 32mm. The rubber flexes out a bit to accommodate, but isn't an issue. 


Quite a popular mount this one, I've had hunting stores grab them off me to sell.


The straps are quite long, so you can cut them to the right length if required. Same as velcro, I just can't title it as such since it's a trademarked name.


Please note the clearance of the torch head and scope. The torch in the photo is a Sofirn C8 (same size as my Convoy C8+). Scope in the photo had a 40mm optic and measured 46mm outer diameter.


These are only compatiable with the C8+ model with a 44.5mm head diameter and smaller. 

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